team amarna

Director Lyndal Hansen has built a creative and passionate support team.

Lyndal Hansen

A dynamic public speaker, Lyndal’s innovative and strategic approach creates motivation and enthusiasm for our clients. Lyndal’s passion is to influence, teach and support change for the better. Lyndal has had over 11 years in the public service ranging from Sport and Recreation Officer with the Australian Sports Commission to Regional Manager of two government agencies. In partnership with three other women, Lyndal founded Amarna in 2001.  

  • Visionary with a proven ability to be strategically focused and future orientated 

  • Highly developed ability to teach and coach people

  • Ability to creatively solve problems and design innovative solutions for the clients - always looking for a better way of producing results

  • Understanding and extensive knowledge of Government policies and systems at a Federal, State and local level

  • A strong sense of community development with a social planning philosophy

  • Driven to produce outstanding results for the client with energy and excitement to create positive outcomes

  • A strong leader and in an advisory leadership role  can propose and guide

  • Ethical and value based

  • Highly experienced in working in the sport and recreation industry from grass roots delivery to State Government management roles - being involved in a diverse range of sport and recreation roles, including coaching at an elite level, junior development and input to State Government and Local Government policies

Key areas of expertise:

  • Dynamic public speaker 

  • Strong facilitation skills

  • Coaching and mentoring skills

  • High level of intuitive skills - creating new ideas, dealing with people, understanding people and their situation, knowing how to think and respond in any situation

  • Strong presenter - speaks with conviction

  • Refined coordination skills

  • Time management - always conscious of delivering within any timeframe 

I didn’t realise we could just keep getting better and better as the years went on, but it happened.
Lyndal Hansen


support team

Dana Iwanicki.jpg

Dana Iwanicki

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management

Dana Iwanicki specialises in all things administrative and project coordination.  Dana believes strong communication and customer service skills are a top priority.  She is a great all-rounder with a knack for writing and is the go-to girl for all proofreading, punctuation and grammar jobs.  Dana always gives a 110% to meet project expectations and achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Hard working, team player

  • Proof-reading guru

  • Great customer service skills

  • Reliable and consistent in work delivery

Ashlee Phillips.png

Ashlee Phillips

Ashlee Phillips creates Amarna's artistic flair! Ashlee was born and raised in the Gladstone Region and for the past 4 years has worked in the communications and marketing sector with a strong passion for graphic design. Amarna is extremely privileged to have her creative talent contributing to the company.


  • Creative flair in graphic design

  • Presents information in a way that's exciting and eye catching

  • Responsive and consistent

  • Amazing to work with!


Kylie Tapurau

Kylie Tapurau is the coordinator extraordinaire. Her excellent communication skills are so transparent as soon as you start working with her. Kylie has a knack for looking after everything and has an exceptional memory for details. Timeframes are Kylie’s strong point and she is never late on anything. No job is too big or
too small for Kylie and she puts her total effort and concentration into each project.

  • Social media guru

  • Energetic in all aspects of her work

  • A finisher with high standards in achieving

  • Team player


Crystal Mcgregor

Bachelor of Human Movement Science (Sports Management Major)

Detail focused, Crystal designs processes and resources to support clients to meet their project and organisational goals. Crystal’s drive for excellence has seen her skills develop extensively over the years. She excels in project design and implementation. Crystal welcomes the challenge and takes projects on and owns them, resulting it the best possible outcome for the client.

Amy-Lee Pople

Amy brings a positive approach to everything she does. Amy has an incredible ability to understand client needs and delivers every time. Amy’s desire to please is a great asset to Amarna, where she has now found a home.   


  • A data entry guru

  • An essential support pillar

  • Highly reliable and resourceful

  • Keen to learn and explore what the world has to offer

Ping Carlyon

For the last 5 years Ping has been Amarna’s resident artist -   in addition to running her own business, Studio Ping. Ping has an amazing gift and is responsible for all the stunning artwork Amarna uses in story books and the ‘Four Six 8 0’ souvenirs. Ping is an award-winning artist and Amarna is so fortunate to have her as a partner.  

Amarna has brought my art to the public, I am very proud of my involvement with Amarna.
Ping Carlyon 

Ping is:

  • A unique artist whose style inspires 

  • Passionate in everything she does 

  • Always looking to please the client and ensure she understands the requirements of the client 

  • One who completes work within the tightest timeframes 

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