Amarna develops exciting and innovative educational resources to assist students, teachers, schools and other related organisations in delivering essential key messages. We apply skills in marketing and communication and link with people who understand curriculum to design resources that inspire and motivate the audience.  

My Career Passport is a resource tool to teach students a range of skill sets to increase their chances of employment, developed by Amarna. My Career Passport is being used year after year through a school and industry based learning environment. Students complete sections of their individual passport and build a resume that is meaningful to them. 


This resource is also used for training migrants to understand what Australian employers are requiring.

My Career Passport is now being enhanced to include more skill sets and will be marketed into the education system across various states of Australia. 

Just LOVE your brain dump, and so excited to work on these together.

Cherie (Education Sector)

The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP) Education Resource Kit was created by Amarna to impart a complex science message to students. The resource provides teachers with local based resources, as well as, the necessary lesson plans required to fit the subject into national curriculum. These resources are activity based, covering all year levels from prep to grade 12. The GHHP Education Resource Kit is in demand by teachers and loved by students.   

The Not-for-Profit sector in Australia relies on the efforts of volunteers and very busy volunteers at that. Amarna has decades of experience working and volunteering in various organisations and has built up extensive skills in organisational management and support. Amarna’s leadership skills and advice is well utilised by a myriad of organisations, that from time to time require support. Being mentored by Amarna is fun, educational, supportive and so very helpful.  

You have really helped me and my organisation. I understand now! Thank you.

Fr Daniel (Church Group) 

One of our staff members attended an Amarna seminar and has come back a changed woman! I can’t believe the difference in her. I’d really like to send more staff to future seminars, as I feel most of us here would benefit from the course.

Jackie (Printing Company)


Amarna is concerned that organisations undertaking planning put far too much pressure on themselves with such high expectations. When Amarna plans, we plan by passion, supported by individual passions and expertise.

You don’t have to convince anyone to do something they are passionate about! 

With support and a structured framework, Amarna draws on individual passions to benefit the whole organisation or business. Amarna has cultivated this approach through their own passion for improving organisations and people’s lives. 


I just wanted to share with you some stuff that might amaze you in regard to how far we have come since the Mapping research you undertook. This stuff could be a good example for others you come in contact with of the fact that anything is possible!  

I had a call the other day to let me know that the clubs (previously not even talking to one another) have successfully negotiated an agreement to combine their resources/facilities and work together. It seems that the values that we adopted are starting to work! 

My next call on the same day was from the newspaper wanting to know about the program we developed and implemented (from the mapping recommendations you guys provided) was all about, as every time they talk to our clients they keep talking about it and what a difference it has made!

Liz (Regional Council)

Sports Mapping is a planning process used by Local Government to calculate a holistic regional plan for sports facilities and sports management. This process uses club participation data to support Councils in determining where they need facilities, when they will need them and what support their clubs might need to assist in managing and improving facilities.

Amarna has undertaken Sports Mapping for:

Moreton Bay Regional Council 

Logan City Council 

Gold Coast City Council 

Gladstone Regional Council 

Tweed Shire Council

Burdekin Shire Council

Due to extensive long term experience in organisational development and management, Amarna has become excellent Organisational Planners. Our ability to motivate people, to stimulate organisations, to create Governance practices and to modernize implementation makes us the preferred planners with numerous organisations. We have guided many organisations to achieving the necessary and the desired results.

Amarna has undertaken Organisational Planning with: community organisations; local, regional, state and national sporting organisations; church groups; as well as small and medium sized businesses.

Thanks heaps Lyndal - actually you'd be proud of us - we've completed vision, mission statements, goals, constitution - just by filling your form (the one you've just sent the template of). Yours very very very sincerely.

Noreen (Organizational Administrator) 

Recreation Planning is a great space where Amarna love to play and work. From developing a process for SEQ Water to effectively and efficiently manage recreation, to creating playgrounds that stimulate the many senses of children, recreation planning is such a joy for us. 

Amarna's Recreation Planning projects include:

SEQ Water Recreation Strategy 

Rockhampton Region Playground Strategy

Townsville C4C Recreation Needs Analysis


Facilitation is a skill that requires years of experience, great self-confidence, an acute understanding of people and knowledge of systems and processes which will provide the desired outcome.  Amarna has been trained by the best in facilitation and has continually grown their own successful style, which has been used by major industry, businesses, Councils and community organisations - just to mention a few. 


Amarna staff have used their facilitation skills in working with the Boyne Tannum HookUp to remodel their structure and develop a 'community model' of operation. Amarna has facilitated this process by engaging with the individuals directly, providing a system in which the new structure is owned by all, and ensuring all processes and communication are shared. 

The conference was extremely well run, and you were an excellent facilitator.

Rob (Major Industry Rep)

Facilitating focus groups is a genuine buzz for Amarna staff. With our skills we meet the client's objectives, while creating a safe place where people can share their ideas and thoughts without judgement. Focus groups can supply such a wealth of useful information, but only when facilitated effectively. 

We have used Amarna to facilitate several of our Strategic Planning processes for our regional body and have found them to be professional, thorough and articulate with all works undertaken. We have recommended them to our other Clubs and I we would have no hesitation recommending them to external bodies as well.

Craig (Regional Director) 


Good communication is a skill that not all individuals and/or businesses are gifted with. Amarna effectively communicates even the most complex and difficult information/message to others.

We talk to you, share with you, determine the best way to deliver to you and ensure you are ready to openly receive the communication.

The Amarna team have been crucial to the success of Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership. Their work has always been high class, timely and delivered on budget. From newspaper columns and report cards through to video testimonials and children books - the work produced by Amarna is highly recommended to all prospective companies.

Paul (Chair)

Amarna is the communication and media team for the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership. The Partnership scientifically tests and monitors the health of a harbour. Amarna’s job is to decipher the science and esoteric language, repackage the message and then determine the best way to communicate this message to the community and partners. 

Amarna enjoys creating and delivering communication projects, including:

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry BUY LOCAL campaign

  • Local Government Healthy Active campaign

Amarna has undertaken two major research projects to determine how businesses cope through the BOOM and BUST periods of a towns’ work patterns. Amarna has the skills and ability to undertake statistically robust research studies. These business studies are the unique to their particular locations and have provide valuable data to businesses, governments and industry. 

Great work Amarna ladies. I appreciate the work you do and the value of the data you collect.

Survey Respondent (Boom, Bust or Reset?)

marketing initators

Marketing is all about the promoting and selling a product or service. It's how you sell it, where you promote it and when you broadcast information. People want fresh, exciting and exceptional ways to sell their products or services.

Amarna offer more than the unique, we offer creativity, passion, energy and we always keep it fresh.  

Amarna has worked with small and medium sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations to create their marketing strategies. Amarna’s baseline marketing ideas and strategies will lift and support your business.

You have done an amazing job Lyndal. It looks so much better than the last one!  I love the photos you've chosen and the wording for the opening statement shows the new direction.

Jennifer (Not for Profit Organisation)


Amarna is an enduring company in its 17th year of operation. During this time Lyndal and Crystal have been uncovering a myriad of business opportunities. We look to develop products if they don’t exist, we look to develop services if there is a need - we are inventive thinkers with a perfect blend of vision and the practical. 


We have and are still playing in the space of software development including: governance support and fashion tech.

We have designed and continue to design training and workshops.

We are inspired by opportunity and in turn can encourage others.

The phone conversation was brilliant, Lyndal. When I get back from my holiday, we are going to digest it all and revamp our offering. Thank you!

David (Business Owner)

A big thank you for such an inspiring weekend! I have new ideas and confidence that I will bring to my work environment. I found you open and encouraging.

Chloe (State Organisation)